Peacock Holiday Ornament - Zion
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Peacock Holiday Ornament - Zion

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Peacocks make everyone smile! You might need one for your holiday tree! 

The ceramic snowflake-shaped ornament features Zion the peacock from Greener Pastures Farm Sanctuary. There is a gold string for hanging the ornament, and it is about 3" in diameter.

10% of this sale will be donated to Greener Pastures Farm Sanctuary for the care of Zion and his friends. By purchasing my products you are not only supporting me to do more of this work helping animals, you are also supporting the sanctuary and all of the animals that live there!


This gorgeous boy is Zion the Peacock. The first time I met him, he walked right up to me with this curious look on his face and pecked my camera lens! I loved the expression on his face when he did that, so I wanted to capture it in this painting. 

Zion had been bullied at his previous home by some other male peacocks, so his owners reached out to Greener Pastures Farm Sanctuary. They were happy to take him in and give him a happier and more peaceful life. He now spends his days flirting with his girlfriend, Indira, always showing off his beautiful green and blue feathers for her. He knows he’s gorgeous- he just needs to convince Indira of that sometimes!