Cat Sticker – Kiwi
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Cat Sticker – Kiwi

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Look at this sweet boy with his beautiful paws ready for biscuit making!

This thick, durable, vinyl sticker is approximately 3" x 4".  It is weatherproof and dishwasher safe.

10% of this sale will be donated to the Cal Poly Cat Program for the care of Kiwi and his friends. By purchasing my products you are not only supporting me to do more of this work helping animals, you are also supporting the rescue organization and all of the animals that live there.


Kiwi is a stunning and beautiful kitty, in spirit and in looks! In 2014, 1-year-old Kiwi was returned to Animal Services by his owner who was not able to handle the consequences of a severe injury Kiwi had sustained after being shot in the back with a BB gun.  The BBs are lodged in his spine and cannot be removed which resulted in Kiwi losing his ability to control his bowels.  He was soon transferred to the Cal Poly Cat Program (CPCP) shelter on campus where he settled in as a very special “Sanctuary” kitty.  A year later he had his tail amputated which was a relief to him and greatly improved his quality of life. 

He has been with CPCP for nearly 10 years and the volunteers take joy in caring for him, doting over him, and even tidying up after him.  This gentle giant and sweet natured kitty is cherished and loved by the entire CPCP family.  He is referred to as “King” of the shelter, where he rules with kindness and dignity, and gladly welcomes all the new kitties to the shelter.

Throughout the years he’s had his fair share of visits to the ER for various medical conditions, but he’s a fighter and quite resilient; with treatments and lots of TLC he’s recovered and has had a happy & joyful life.  His latest challenge came in early 2024 when he was diagnosed with stage 3 intestinal lymphoma; he’s undergoing chemotherapy and is handling it like the champ that he is.  His spirits are high; he’s enjoying basking in the sunshine, roaming the shelter looking for treats, and of course spending time with the volunteers who are hopeful for their beautiful and loving boy. He will continue to get the best care and love that  CPCP can provide.