Pitbull Sticker – Kukur
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Pitbull Sticker – Kukur

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This sweet  sweet boy makes me smile so big!  We called him a big potato.  He always has a stuffie in his mouth and wants all the love and belly rubs.

This thick, durable, vinyl sticker is approximately 3" x 4".  It is weatherproof and dishwasher safe.

10% of this sale will be donated to Woods Humane Society for the care of Kukur’s dog and cat friends. By purchasing my products you are not only supporting me to do more of this work helping animals, you are also supporting the rescue and all of the animals that live there!


One morning at Woods Humane Society the veterinarian asked me to give a new pitbull arrival some medication. She said that he was a big potato, and I was going to love him. That was the understatement of all time. I fell 1000% in love with him. Poor Kukur came with a LOT of medical issues, but he is the sweetest boy. He always has a big stuffed animal in his mouth and wants all the attention and love. Everyone at Woods Humane Society adores him.

While under the care of Woods, He had a complicated procedure called a TECA-BO in which the infected, abnormal ear tissue is removed, reducing chronic pain and inflammation and it really made him a happier boy. He is deaf but it doesn’t slow him down.  He also had an emergency surgery to remove a piece of a toy that was stuck in his tummy, poor guy! He was in foster with a Woods employee and her family for many months as he healed from all of his procedures. The family’s landlord told them they could not keep Kukur and everyone was super sad.  I considered adopting him myself but there were certain circumstances that would have made it very difficult. After a couple of adoptions and returns through no fault of the perfect potato Kukur, they finally talked the landlord into letting him stay!!!!  It was the best news ever! He is the best dog with the best family. He even comes to Woods to visit us, and we all get super excited to snuggle him. Isn’t it amazing that one big rescued pitbull potato can make soooooo many happy hearts and smiles in the world?