Turkey Magnet -All Animals Deserve Love - Felicity
Turkey Magnet -All Animals Deserve Love - Felicity
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Turkey Magnet -All Animals Deserve Love - Felicity

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This lovely turkey magnet will certainly make you smile!  She is a really pretty lady with tons of personality!

This flexible, colorful magnet is 4" x 4".

You can read more about the featured turkey, Felicity, below.

10% of this sale goes back to Loving Farm Animal Sanctuary to help provide all the love and care that Felicity and her friends need. By purchasing my products you are not only supporting me to do more of this work helping animals, you are also supporting the sanctuary and Felicity!


Have you ever been charmed by a turkey? I recently was when I met a flock of white turkeys at Loving Farm Animal Sanctuary. I noticed one in particular, Felicity, was very brave and curious and walked up to my nephew to check out the bright, shiny phone he was using to take pictures. It turns out, turkeys are very inquisitive. Felicity was a part of a group of one hundred turkeys from a factory farm that were rescued after the farmer gave permission for them to be taken to sanctuaries. Five of those now have a forever home at Loving Farm Animal Sanctuary. The turkeys were very large when they arrived and are obsessed with food due to their breeding.  Now their diets are closely monitored to keep them at a healthy weight. This adorable group spends their days in a large paddock with sheep, goats, and horses. They know when it is getting late and come back to the safety of their enclosure at night. These turkeys have a lot of land, freedom, and friends at Loving Farm Animal Sanctuary.