Baby zebra painting -acrylic on canvas with African prints in the background. Zimi is a zebra at Free to Be Wild Sanctuary in Bulawayo Zimbabwe
Zebra Painting - Original Artwork - Zimmi
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Zebra Painting - Original Artwork - Zimmi

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Acrylic on Canvas 12” x 9”  (canvas is 0.5 inches deep)

This painting is mounted in a white floating frame. 

Zimmi is such a sweet, naughty baby zebra that lives at Free to be Wild Sanctuary in Zimbabwe. The design in the background was inspired by local African fabrics. I create gifts that give back because all animals deserve love! Read more about Zimmi below. 

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All copyright is retained by Melisa Beveridge. No reprinting of this image is permitted.

10% of this sale goes back to Free To Be Wild Sanctuary to help provide all the love and care that Zimmi and his friends need. By purchasing my products you are not only supporting me to do more of this work helping animals, you are also supporting the sanctuary and Zimmi!


I met Zimmi when he was four days old. He was unbelievably soft and a little unsteady on his feet. He was laying in the grass a lot taking naps and I had the experience of a lifetime when I laid down and snuggled him. How many people get to spoon with a baby zebra?! I was in heaven. Zimmi slept inside the house for the first couple of weeks in Baye’s office. Baye owns Free to be Wild Sanctuary and her animals get whatever they want or need! Zimmi would get super excited to see us when we came to feed him and would make a little call and run toward us with his pack of dalmatians and Weimaraner dog friends. Zimmi, short for Ukuzimisela, means “Determination” in the local tribal Ndebele language, and determined he was! Zimmi’s mom died giving birth to him during the pandemic lockdown. Baye traveled six hours each way to fetch him. We were unsure if he would survive because he never got any colostrum from his mother, but Baye was able to secure cow colostrum powder which we gave him several times a day. It worked for him and now he is growing well, very fit and healthy, and will be a companion zebra to Abby, a permanent resident zebra at Free to be Wild. They will live in a semi-wild setting with no risk of predators or poachers. Zebras are sassy animals that are difficult to raise but Zimmi’s happiness makes it all worth it.