Donkey Painting - Original Artwork - Henry and Gracie
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Donkey Painting - Original Artwork - Henry and Gracie

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Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas 16" x 20" 

This painting is mounted in a white floating frame. 

If you are ordering locally in San Luis Obispo County, please email to arrange a pick up to avoid shipping costs. 

All copyright is retained by Melisa Beveridge. No reprinting of this image is permitted.

10% of this sale will be donated to Rancho Burro Donkey Sanctuary for the care of Henry, Gracie, and their friends. By purchasing my products you are not only supporting me to do more of this work helping animals, you are also supporting the sanctuary and all of the animals that live there!


I’ve never seen two donkeys with a stronger bond than Henry and Gracie. They are always together. The two of them came from a ranch where they were very neglected. Their hooves were severely overgrown, which is a really horrible thing for a donkey. It left them crippled and in a lot of pain. The silver lining is that they had each other through this terrible time, and they have stayed very close even after being rescued by Rancho Burro Donkey Sanctuary.

The pair now live happily at Rancho Burro, and are slowly learning to trust humans after being neglected by them for so long. Their hooves have been trimmed and they are much more comfortable now. They are the most timid donkeys I’ve ever met (and as you may know, I’ve met my fair share of donkeys) but they are very sweet. Gracie is much braver than Henry is, but he is learning from her about how to be more adventurous.  I especially love to watch them at dinner time when they stick their big, squishy noses through the gate to sniff for their food. I wanted to make sure my painting of them really captured them in this moment, when they are at their happiest. I am pretty sure that this is the cutest pair of noses you’ll ever see!