Donkey Painting - Original Artwork - Pumpkin and Babbles
Donkey Painting - Original Artwork - Pumpkin and Babbles
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Donkey Painting - Original Artwork - Pumpkin and Babbles

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Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas 16" x 20" 

This painting is mounted in a white floating frame. 

This was such a fun painting for me.  I met this unlikely animal pair at Matabeleland Animal Rescue and Equine Sanctuary in Zimbabwe when I got stuck in Africa during the Covid Shut down and couldn't return home. These two are among the many animals that made my extended stay in Africa even more amazing.  Read more about Pumpkin and Babbles below. 

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All copyright is retained by Melisa Beveridge. No reprinting of this image is permitted.

10% of this sale goes back to Matabeleland Animal Rescue and Equine Sanctuary in Zimbabwe to help provide all the love and care that Pumpkin and her friends need. By purchasing my products you are not only supporting me to do more of this work helping animals, you are also supporting the sanctuary and Pumpkin!



Little Pumpkin was found abandoned on a vacant piece of land in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. The four-month-old foal had a scraggly, matted coat covered in hundreds of nasty burrs that prevented her from being able to lie down. She was taken to Matabeleland Animal Rescue and Equine Sanctuary. When she arrived at the sanctuary she was scared and had very little appetite. We spent days grooming her and giving her love, nourishment and companionship. 

It didn’t take long for Pumpkin to come out of her shell and start making friends. We put her in a pasture with Apple and Pear, a mama donkey and her foal, who were receiving medical treatment. Pumpkin and Pear became best friends and they would play all day. When Pumpkin was let out of her stall in the morning she would run at top speed to meet up with Pear and they would jump around, so happy to see each other. 

Babbles the bird, an arrow-marked babbler, was raised at MARES and spent his afternoons making nests in Pumpkin’s mane. The two may have been an unlikely pair, but they became the sweetest friends! Babbles was very spoiled and loved his friends, humans and donkeys alike. He was everyone’s favorite. I collected ants for him to eat every day! He loved to have a good neck rub and a lot of attention. Babbles is no longer with us, but we all remember him fondly. Pumpkin is now fully recovered. She had a rough start, but her best days are ahead of her with all of her friends at MARES!