Miniature Horses Fine Art Print – Felicity and Wildfire
Miniature Horses Fine Art Print – Felicity and Wildfire
Miniature Horses Fine Art Print – Felicity and Wildfire
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Miniature Horses Fine Art Print – Felicity and Wildfire

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These precious faces will make a lovely addition to your home, nursery, or kid’s room! These tiny horses have huge personalities that bring a smile to everyone who meets them.

This 8” x 10” signed print is packaged in a plastic sleeve and sent with a sturdy backing. The story of Felicity and Wildfire is written on the back so you can get to know more about their precious personality and back story.

10% of this sale will be donated to Greener Pastures Farm Sanctuary for the care of Felicity, Wildfire, and their friends. By purchasing my products you are not only supporting me to do more of this work helping animals, you are also supporting the sanctuary and all of the animals that live there!

All copyright is retained by Melisa Beveridge. No reprinting of this image is permitted.


Meet my favorite duo from Greener Pastures Farm Sanctuary, Felicity and Wildfire! I met Wildfire (he’s the one on the right) when he was just a colt. He was a little shy that day and didn’t seem to want to meet me yet. I didn’t want to push him so I just admired him from afar. He and his mama, Starlit, were rescued from an Oklahoma kill pen so it made sense that he needed a little time to warm up to people.

When Starlit arrived, the team at Greener Pastures suspected she might be pregnant. Sure enough, shortly after she gave birth to little Felicity (on the left)! The next time I came to visit the sanctuary, I was greeted with a warm welcome by both of them. They had clearly overcome any shyness because they were very eager for attention and had the zoomies around the pasture! Starlit was also adjusting well, and even let me pet her this time. It was amazing to see the difference in their demeanor after they had received some love and care at Greener Pastures. This little family is so loved in their new home, and I’m so grateful to the sanctuary for giving them a second chance at a happy life!